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Evolution Forms Multi Step Form for WordPress is your tool for more leads and a higher conversion.

With our customizable Evolution Forms plugin for WordPress, you can optimize sigup data. The aim is to increase the conversion rate and the numbers of leads that you receive via your website.

Use our WordPress plugin for

What makes Evolution Forms different?

So far, you have only been able to create a request form that meets all requirements to a limited extent. In most cases the forms are very impersonal, the dependencies can’t be set at all or are very difficult to set, the loading times are too long and the optical components leave a lot to be desired. A usual WordPress multi step form stands out too much from the overall picture of the website. It doesn’t really seem to be part of it. With our WordPress Multi Step Form, we turn all of these points into positive!

Annual payment

Our plans are based on an annual license with annual payment. This has the unbeatable advantage that the costs are manageable and there is no monthly burden. Find out more about our product plans: Prices

We also list the loading time at the top. Because, in our opinion, this is the biggest problem with most forms. Have your customers landed on your inquiry page and the form takes more than 3 seconds to load? That can already lead to the prospect jumping off. Let’s be honest: we don’t want to lose any time, we are used to it nowadays that everything goes quickly and works optimally. If the long loading times run through the entire form, the interested parties quickly get tired and annoyed. Our WordPress Multi Step Form is therefore programmed very leanly, so that it is completely loaded in less than 1 second.

Most request forms are limited to using 1 or 2 different forms due to programming. If you want to use several different request forms on your website (e.g. for project inquiries, surveys and personnel recruitment), errors will occur in most cases. Our Evolution Forms plugin is programmed in such a way that all forms start independently of each other and work absolutely cleanly without overlapping.

The fast loading time makes the form very user-friendly. Especially in the mobile view, it is designed so that the questions and the selection fields are always in the field of view. Should it be necessary to scroll down in a form with many selection fields, it will automatically scroll back to the beginning of the next question. That sounds unspectacular at first, but in fact this is not a matter of course for most forms on the market. It increases user-friendliness immensely if your prospects don’t have to constantly scroll up and down to first search for the question and then the options.

You can design your form according to your wishes. Above all, this point has the advantage that you can adapt the colors and style to your corporate design. The form should stand out optically in order to attract attention, but still blend in with the overall picture. Decide for yourself which colors and fonts you use for your text elements, whether you want to insert picture elements for the selection or prefer to use icons. Simply access the Font Awesome icons directly and easily.

The majority of searches are performed on mobile devices. These include, for example, mobile phones, which we like to use on the go, but also tablets, which are increasingly acting as an alternative to desktop PCs or laptops. We reach for the mobile phone or tablet faster to search for something or to place an order. Accordingly, all content on websites should be optimized for mobile use! Search engines like Google are able to recognize whether a page is optimized for mobile or not. Accordingly, this page is displayed in the search results on mobile devices – or not. It is also extremely important that the interactive elements on the website are also highly mobile-friendly. Our WordPress Multi Step Form is optimized so that the display adapts to the screen resolution accordingly.

The contents of the request are saved in the database. In addition, your prospective customer has the option of completely deleting the request from the database after receiving the confirmation email.

In order to ensure fast loading times, we have placed particular emphasis on lean and clean programming. Our WordPress Multi Step Form saves valuable storage space.

What are WordPress Multi Step Forms for?

With a digital form you collect data and information that help both you and your target group to receive information of all kinds and to establish contact. With inquiry forms, you enable your target group to submit an inquiry about a specific product or service etc. at any time.

Benefits for your target group

The advantages on your side are also obvious: You can process the inquiries at a time of your choosing, prepare yourself based on the information and questions received and then contact them if necessary. This is especially of great advantage for your time management. Inquiries by e-mail can quickly get lost in the depths of a mailbox, calls can be forgotten, but with the help of the WordPress Multi Step Form you can get an overview of all inquiries so that none are lost!

Your benefits

Create your WordPress Multi Step Form with Evolution Forms

With simple steps you can create a form that is hard to beat in terms of possibilities. Without any programming knowledge, you are able to create a comprehensive multi step form for your purposes. Include all the questions you need to answer to properly process the request. We all know that: The interested parties have a specific wish and believe that it can be fulfilled quickly and easily. However, what is behind it, what you have to think about as a service provider and which steps are necessary to carry out this are often not seen. With our WordPress Multi Step Form you now have the opportunity to request all the necessary information.

WordPress Multi Step Form with conditional logic

Logical questions that can be defined using conditions are particularly useful. This gives you the opportunity to leave out certain questions if this is not necessary for the selection clicked by the interested party. In this way, you can play through various options and design your multi step form in great detail if necessary.


The plugin is already being used very successfully by a provider of house cultivation and timber construction, among others. In the inquiry form, customers have the option to choose between, for example, HOUSE ANNEX and TERRACE ANNEX. If you choose HOUSE ANNEX, it is also interesting how many floors the house has and on which floor the extension should take place. However, if you choose TERRACE ANNEX, the floor does not play a decisive role in the project. In this example, the question about the floor can be linked to the selection HOUSE ANNEX and a corresponding condition can be added.

For which sectors is Evolution Forms suitable?

Since the WordPress Multi Step Form can be assembled individually, according to your requirements and wishes, it can be used for all industries and numerous purposes. The request form is suitable for small companies and service providers as well as large companies and agencies in every sector. We are already using the form for our customers in the following sectors:

For what purposes is our multi step form suitable?

The versatility and flexibility of the WordPress Multi Step Form is what makes our form special. Due to the limits that we were given by conventional forms from WordPress and other providers, we decided to develop our own multi step form that can be used for all purposes and every sector and, above all, without restrictions. Use the form for:

Lead generation

With the help of Evolution Forms you finally have the opportunity to turn your website visitors into leads.

Surveys with Multi Step Forms

In order to optimize your own offer, it makes sense to do regular surveys. Ask for the opinion of your customers or find out about the wishes of your prospective customers. What is particularly good, what is missing, what can you improve, etc. Everyone is happy when their opinion is valued!


For example, you only sell a certain product that is available in different variants. In this case it is not necessary to integrate a complex shop system on your website. The WordPress Multi Step Form is perfect for this purpose: enable your customers to place an order with just a few clicks. In a final step, a decision is made about the payment method. Find out about your account details or enter your PayPal account.

Individualized product orders

Individual designs are currently very popular. Such orders take a certain amount of time to be implemented. In order to avoid misunderstandings, which often happen, for example, via telephone or orders via email, you can use the WordPress Multi Step Form to request all the information and then go into production.


With our WordPress plugin you can collect customer testimonials. You can do this with evaluation points, for example, or with a free text. Or even better: Let your customers decide whether they prefer to comfortably hand out stars or write an individual text.

Project inquiries

For services, whether in the trade or digital, you can use the form for project inquiries. Your future customers can choose between various options, specify a budget and, for example, specify the desired period or the time for completion.


You are in the restaurant business and are planning a special event? With the help of the WordPress Multi Step Form set the respective menu options to choose how many people want to announce themselves and where your guests prefer to sit. This will help you with the planning. At the same time, you will receive a waiting list in case of cancellations.


If you want to expand your team, you can also use Evolution Forms. If you mainly work with freelancers, it makes sense to use the inquiry form to build up a contact pool. With specific questions, you can assign freelancers to specific projects.

E-Mail lists

Would you like to launch a limited offer in the next few weeks, for example online coaching or an individualized product? Then it makes sense to fill the order books in advance with a waiting list. This allows you to plan, pre-produce, etc. in advance when implementing your project.

Your Multi Step Form

And what will you use the WordPress Multi Step Form for? We are curious what ideas you have and what possibilities still open up!

How do you create your questions for the multi step form?

We recommend that you create an overview in advance of what information you absolutely need in order to be able to process future inquiries quickly and easily. On the basis of this, you can now formulate questions that are addressed to your prospective customers. With the help of a diagram you can become more and more specific and determine dependencies.

Fits any Purpose

You install the plugin in the backend of your WordPress site. After activation, you can start filling out the form with content. Now create your unique form with many predefined elements that will help you ask exactly the right questions.


With interdependencies you can create forms that respond to the answers of your future customers. This creates an interactive WordPress Multi Step Form.

Your Style

Customize the request form according to your ideas and wishes, so that the colors and fonts fit perfectly into your website and match your corporate design.

Corporate design includes e.g. the design of the logo, the colors, design elements, typography, etc.

On any Device

Our request form is optimized for any devices. It automatically adjust optimally to screen size to make sure that your form is always visible.


The request form loads in under a second. To be more precise, it only takes half a second to fully load and appear. It doesn't matter how many steps, questions or answers you include in your form: it reacts immediately!


The number of questions and selection steps as well as the number of answer options are unlimited. Regardless of whether it makes sense to provide your prospective customer with for example 33 possible answers, it is possible in practice. The interesting thing is that the form still only needs half a second for loading.


Change the order of the elements afterwards. Add more questions or answer options and options later without having to start from scratch. Any combination of elements is possible: text, file upload, selection, HTML, slider ...


Forward your visitors to a page you specified, or set up a thank you page.

A thank you page informs your prospects whether the action they have just taken was successful and what will happen next.

Find out more about the advantages of Evolution Forms and click through the form below. In this way you get a little insight into the possibilities of the plugin.
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The possibilities are very diverse, but other features are already under way.

In the future it should be possible to statistically evaluate the inquiries. This allows you to better address your target group, for example. You should find out how many impressions your form has recorded and how often and at which point the most cancellations take place. In this way you can optimize your multi step form and continuously develop it.

With the connection to e-mail tools such as ActiveCampaign and KlickTipp, you can automatically send e-mails concerning the request.

With the interface to a CRM, you have the opportunity to maintain contact details and inquiries.