Form Features

Advanced Logic

If this, then that:

With step conditions you can make the visibility of a step depend on the user input.
For example, a future step can be hidden if the user selected a certain choice in an earlier step.

Multiple conditions can be defined per step. They can be chained with logical operators (and, or) and user input can be compared using comparators (equal to, unequal to, less than, more than).

This way, smart forms that respond to your visitors’ input can be created. Only ask relevant questions.

Email Notifications

Stay up to date and get notified whenever a form answer has been submitted.

Confirmation mails can also be sent to visitors who filled out a form. Visitors can also request removal of their data: Confirmation mails contain a link to a data removal page (which can be configured in the plugin settings).


Form headings and element titles can be freely configured to match your site’s style.

Font colors automatically adjust to your preferred background color: Set the background to a dark color and the font color will be adjusted so it can still be read.

All automatic colors can also be customized:

  • Main color
  • Frame color
  • Font color
  • Button color
  • Font color on buttons

For all Screens

Evolution Forms displays nicely on any device. Forms automatically adjust to screen size and make sure that everything is in view so that your visitors don’t get lost.

Elements don’t just get smaller: The layout changes so that forms are easier to fill out using touch screens.


Redirect your visitors to a different page or URL after they filled out the form.
You can also design a custom “Thank you” page in the form editor.

Import / Export

Import and export forms to create backups or migrate to a different WordPress site.

Form Element Overview

Text Input




File Upload