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Evolution forms is designed to be a great tool to help you generate leads on your WordPress website. All available form elements are made to be responsive and simple, as well as flexible to cater any needs.

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Fits any Purpose

The form editor allows you to create forms for any use case. Many predefined elements help you to easy to ask your visitors precisely what you want.


Create forms that respond to your visitor’s answers. Use conditions to lead your visitors all the way through, only asking the relevant questions.

Your Style

Make Evolution Forms fit your website’s style by customizing the colors of all form elements.

On any Device

Evolution Forms displays nicely on any device. Forms automatically adjust to screen size and make sure that everything is in view so that your visitors don’t get lost.


No matter how many forms you embed and how many steps they have: It takes a split second for all forms to load.


As many sections and elements as you need. Each section can be edited freely.


Freely arrangable input elements. Any combination of elements is possible: text, selection, file upload, slider, HTML, …


Either set up a thank you page or redirect your visitors to a page you specify.

  • Form Editor
  • infinite sections
  • infinite number of elements in each section
  • overview of all leads
  • text input
  • multiple choice
  • single choice
  • auto-advance on selection
  • headings
  • text answers
  • FontAwesome icons
  • range slider for numbers
  • save with CTRL+S
  • file upload
  • embed HTML content
  • import and export forms
  • customizable colors
  • email notifications for new leads
  • email confirmations for visitors
  • customizable email header
  • customizable email footer
  • page for data removal requests
  • conditions for each step
  • flexible conditional logic using ‘and’ and ‘or’
  • optionally hide titles of each element
  • colum layout for steps
  • customizable “thank you” page
  • optional redirection after form completion
  • short loading time
  • quick response
  • small footprint (less than 100kb per form)
  • responsive: optimized for desktop and mobile devices
  • optional progress bar
  • toggleable navigation buttons
  • toggleable form title
  • customizable background color
  • customizable font color
  • customizable frame color
  • automatic font color
  • hints for selection options
  • immediate form preview
  • export as csv table
  • statistics for clicks and success rate
  • individual form settings that can inherit from the global settings
  • form frame can be hidden

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